Tarde venientibus ossa.  To the latecomers are left the bones.



2017 Pre-Season Tiered Tosser Rankings

If our predictions are not 100% correct, we will give you a full refund of all monies that you have spent on The Fantasy Matriculator website so long as Mark Sanchez has another butt fumble and the Dolphins win the Super Bowl.  (That's the fine print).

RB Rankings

WR Rankings

TE Rankings

Defense and Kickers



Tier 2nd/3rd round

1.   Aaron Rodgers

2.   Tom Brady

Tier 4th/5th round

3.   Drew Brees

Tier 6th-9th round- By the time the fifth round rolls up (if you haven't drafted a quarterback) you should be set at wide receiver and running back.  All of the tossers in this group could be top five fantasy quarterbacks, but at worst should be in the 25-30 TD range.  This is where we usually like to find our tosser.

4.   Matt Ryan

5.    Marcus Mariota

6.    Cam Newton

7.    Russell Wilson

8.    Derek Carr

9.    Kirk Cousins

10.  Matt Stafford

11.  Philip Rivers

12.  Jameis Winston

Tier 10th-final round

13.  Andrew Luck

14.  Ben Roethlisberger

15.  Andy Dalton

16.  Eli Manning

17.  Dak Prescott

18.  Tyrod Taylor

19.  Jay Cutler

20.  Carson Palmer

21.  Carson Wentz

22.  Blake Bortles

23.  Alex Smith

24.  Sam Bradford