Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.  Dr. Seuss

            Alshon Jeffery was our top rated wide reciever entering the 2011 season, but he left South Carolina early with some questions.  His first two years at South Carolina were spectacular.  He went over 700 yards as a freshman with 6 touchdowns.  He looked far too physical for even the SEC's best cornerbacks.  As a sophomore he was significantly better posting a Superman like 1,517 yards and 9 touchdowns.  He was the country's most dominant receiver.  2011 was a mixed bag as he still posted good numbers with 762 yards and 8 touchdowns but didn't approach his sophomore season.  A major part of his lack of production had to do with the unrest at quarterback with college football's all-time leading law breaker Stephen Garcia spinning the skin for most of the season.  He was never that good and Jeffery suffered for it, but there were also questions about Jeffery's weight and work ethic.  We don't expect him to run well.  On tape his first few steps are slow.  After those first few steps however, he's college football's best receiver.  His hands are on par with Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald and he was stronger than both of them when he was a freshman.  Good luck trying to bump and run with a 235 pound receiver.  He will toss most corners to the side without breaking stride.  If he can stay around 4.6 in the forty we won't be concerned.  Anything above that is an issue.  At times he makes us think of Michael Irvin and at other times the spectre of Mike Williams rears its ugly head.  Barring a disastrous Combine where he shows up overweight and runs slow, he's clearly a first round talent.  There are concerns about his work ethic and if those prove to be valid he will slip to the end of the first and maybe even the second round.  He's a high risk, high reward player in the mold of Jonathan Baldwin last year.  Watch for the Bears, Patriots or Chargers to have a go at him in the first round.