Mason's father is not a mason, but he is a member of the hip hop group De La Soul.

Tre Mason- RB, Auburn  (SI 54, CBS 45, DJ N/R)

There is only one certainty when it comes to the NFL draft.  Draft an Auburn running back and you will get your money's worth.  Auburn's running backs are successful pros.  They dominate that position like no other school dominates a position and it isn't even close.  Auburn produced the greatest backfield in college football history (in terms of NFL production) in the late '70's with James Brooks (3-1,000 yard seasons in the NFL), Joe Cribbs (3-1,000-yard seasons) and William Andrews (4-1,000- yard seasons).  It was the only college backfield to ever produce three 1,000 yard NFL rushers.  Lionel James followed them and though he was only 5th round pick he was a two time All-Pro and had a 1,000 yard receiving season.   Then there was that Bo guy.  Stephen Davis produced four 1,000 yard seasons and Rudi Johnson followed him with three more. Fullback Fred Beasley made two Pro-Bowls and Cadillac Williams was the NFC Rookie of the Year before being sidetracked by injuries.  Ronnie Brown also caught the injury bug but he has produced a 1,000 yard season and is 14th among active players in rushing yards, not to mention nearly 2,000 receiving yards.  In the same backfield with them before transferring was Brandon Jacobs, so Auburn produced another backfield trio who all produced 1,000 seasons in the NFL.  Ben Tate has been in the league 3 seasons backing up Arian Foster and Tate has already produced 2 seasons of 900+ combined yards.  He should be a starter in 2014 and we expect he will join the list of 1,000 yard rushers.  So the best bet in this draft, or any draft, is that an Auburn running back will be a Pro-Bowl caliber player.  Mason meets our criteria in terms of prototype size with thick legs and a low center of gravity.  Combine that with a 2013 season in which he broke the records of the impressive list above, and we aren't concerned about a gimmicky offense.