The Bible never mentions the word trinity.  It's a made up thing like Wikipedia or Google, yet no less real.



Back in the day, people used to play games.  They still play games today, but it's not in person type games.  Mostly things played on this here internet thing. In the good 'ol days they were a part of our human interaction and a societal driver. Remember those games where someone would give you a clue and you’d have to guess the answer?  Was it The Twenty Thousand Dollar Question or Hollywood Squares? Aw anyway, the good ol’ days weren’t as good as most people remember them, but we’re going to time travel backward anyway and play that little game. We are going to ask questions, you are going to come up with your answers and then you can click on the link to see whether you got it right. 

            It seems everyone on planet earth, with the spectacular exception of the Matriculator, struggles with the evaluation of tossers.  We are going to break things down strictly from a passing standpoint, since everyone seems to think that running doesn’t add any value to a tosser in spite of the fact that the last four Super Bowls have included prolific runners Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and Cam Newton.  There are three major categories, and we have dubbed them the Holy Trinity. You can study the Holy Trinity and get an good idea of how good a tosser was in college, and consequently will likely be in the pros.  The Holy Trinity is: completion percentage, TD/INT ratio and the catchall passer rating.  When you look at those stats in combination they generally don’t lie.  In college you want to see at a minimum 60 percent completion with 65 being a very good number.  For TD/INT ratio 2.5/1 is a minimum with 3.5/1 or better being really great.  A minimum passer rating in the high 140’s is a starting point with mid-150’s a great number.   Let’s look at four of the best quarterbacks in the NFL today.  Their final two years of college Holy Trinity numbers were as follows:


COMP PERCENTAGE        TD/INT               Passer Rating

58                                     4.6/1                152 (Who am I?)

65                                     3.5/1                159 (Who am I?)

69                                     4.8/1                165 (Who am I?)

62                                     2.9/1                145 (Who?)


Based on our Holy Trinity, these guys were great bets to become successful NFL tossers.  None of them were drafted in the first thirty picks and they all have become top tier tossers.  Two of them finished in the top 7 in passer rating in 2015 and the other led his team to the playoffs while the other has been to a Super Bowl and two conference championships.


Let’s compare their stats to 4 catastrophic failures drafted in the past 4 years in the top 12.  Here are their Holy Trinity numbers from their last two college seasons:


COMP PERCENTAGE           TD/INT                Passer Rating

61                                       2.1/1                   133 (Who?)

56                                       1.9/1                   127 (Who?)

63                                       2/1                      135 (Who?)

64                                       2.3/1                   142 (Who?)


            As you can see, none of them met our minimum criteria.  None of them were graded by us as first round picks.  Two are out of the league, one is holding on a back-up and the only starter has a losing record in his 4 seasons and finished 2015 outside of the top 20 in passer rating.  Can you name these slurpees?

            Let’s plug in the 2016 draft class.  We’re going to plug five guys into the formula who meet the Holy Trinity criteria of becoming good-plus NFL tossers. Three are expected to be first round picks, but the two others aren’t projected to go until the third round or later.  Here’s the 2016 draft class Holy Trinity numbers:


COMP PERCENTAGE       TD/INT                      Passer Rating

61                                   3.9/1                           148 (Who?)

63                                   3/1                              153 (Who?)

64                                   3.4/1                           151 (Who?)

65                                   3.9/1                           147 (Who?)

63                                   3.9/1                           154 (Who?)


Of the group that qualifies, one of the players also has 12 rushing TDs, one has 17 and one has 24. 


            It’s interesting to note that the players who were eminently qualified passers coming out of college but weren’t drafted in the top 30 picks were…Click here!


            The four top twelve picks who were wholly unqualified were…Click here!


            You can’t base things solely on stats.  Was the guy a winner?  What was his level of competition? Did he have any NFL caliber receivers on his college team?

           Of the five quarterbacks from the 2016 draft, only one of them had a receiver who might get drafted.  The level of competition for three of the five was weak, but two regularly saw NFL caliber defensive talent.  All of them had decent records, particularly considering their school’s recent history.  So where do we have them ranked?  There is no button to click here. Figure it out yourself.  You have the roadmap.

March 5, 2016