He was no dragon.  Fire cannot kill a dragon.

Viserys is the Night King, and We Know Who Shot J.R. too.


            So everyone has a theory on the Night King, most of them revolving around Bran Stark or one of the First Men.  We think those theories were made up and floated on the Internet as a part of some scientific experiment on how easy it is to sway the public and how perception and reality intermingle like a Tyrion whore and a Dothraki hoard.  Anyway, we think we have the most likely theory and it has nothing to do with a Stark or the First Man, because the Night King looks nothing like Adam or Bran.

            The Night King is none other than a former king name of Viserys, evil brother of Daenerys, whom she famously told was not a true dragon because he couldn’t handle molten gold being poured on his head.  What he certainly can handle is ice and he had a claim, probably better than any other dead person, to being a king.   Night King who brings dark and cold, queen of fire who brings heat and light. The fire breathing dragon killed by an ice spear.  Viserys the evil brother of the kind hearted (at least for most of the series) Daenerys. Song of fire and ice.

            The dragon who was killed by the Night King with an ice sword was named?  How about Viserion.  Viserys and his new dragon Viserion. Actually Daenerys named Viserion after her brother and he is the fair skinned dragon with gold wings. Viserys is the fair skinned guy with gold hair and a gold crown to match. We’re pretty certain we are correct. 

            What set us on this journey was looking at pictures of the Night King and trying to figure out who he looked like.  Our first thought was Viserys.  The Night King has two very distinctive facial features.  His cheeks are sunken in leading to a pronounced lower jawline.  Bran has a round face and look at pictures of Vicerys and his sunken cheekbones.  There’s another distinct characteristic of the Night King.  He has a cleft chin.  Bran doesn’t and Viserys most certainly does.  They could have made the face up to change Bran’s appearance, which is pretty weak if they did, but the face is closer to that of Vicerys, not Bran. Ever notice what’s on top of the Night King’s head?  Thorny spikes that look like the back of the dragons. Oh wait, and remember the Night King walking through fire.  Maybe Viserys can handle a little fire, just not a molten crown.  Or maybe now that he's a white walker he can handle it.  We could be wrong, but we had fun playing the game.