Oh by the way, which one's Pink.

Kneel on This


Let’s keep it real.  Colin Kaepernick has forever altered the course of the NFL, and get ready for some alterations in the NBA too.  Kaepernick didn’t sign up for the job of leader of the Second Civil Rights movement.  People forget he didn’t make an announcement beforehand the first time he sat for the National Anthem.  It was a pre-season game and a reporter noticed him on the bench and took a picture.  They asked him after the game and he made some half-hearted statement about being upset about something.  The reality was that he had his earbuds in and didn’t notice the anthem had started, a clear violation of Goodell’s Law, and he was concerned that if he told the press that he would be fined.  So he gave some guff about Civil Rights.  A few other players, none of whom had ever thought about lodging a National Anthem protest, said that they agreed that African-Americans were treated unfairly and the white fluffy snowball, pun intended, began to roll down the hill.


            Here at Matriculator Headquarters we have spoken with countless people about this issue.  They are pissed.  They can’t believe that someone would insult our servicemen and women.  The audacity to quietly kneel!  The interesting thing is that we never heard one of those people ever say anything about the horror of the police officers who beat a defenseless Rodney King to a bloody pulp and weren’t prosecuted.  Never heard them say the first thing about the African-American guy who the police choked to death on the streets of New York in front of God and women and children.  Actually, that’s not true.  Some of them said something about the fact that if he hadn't been selling illegal DVDs the police wouldn’t have killed him.  Let’s keep it real, if your one of those people you are a racist and/or stupid, and likely a nice chunk of both.  Of all of the people who are upset about the “protest”, 99% of them voted for Trump.  Trump of course made a far more insulting gesture to veterans than kneeling during an anthem.  Trump said that John McCain, one of our greatest war heroes, was a loser because he was caught by the enemy.  Trump could have burned the American flag and then peed on it, all while waving a Russian flag, and it wouldn’t have been as insulting to American servicemen as what he said about them not being heroes because they got caught.  Any right thinking person with half a functioning brain would understand this.   Here’s your litmus test for whether your anger with the protest is because you don’t like African-American people, or you’re simply a racist.  If you said anything about the African-American players taking a knee that resembled, “That’s just un-American” or “That’s bullshit.  Those guys make lots of money and they need to shut up and play football”.  If you said that but you didn’t do anything more than grin and say, “That’s just Trump” about the McCain comments, you’re a flaming racist.  And you hate the troops and like to disrespect them and the flag, and the anthem to boot.  Ironically, Trump knows you’re out there and that’s how he got elected.  He received the highest percentage of uneducated (no college degree) votes in the history of Presidential elections.  Stupid is as stupid votes. 


            This kneeling thing is a precarious situation for the owners.  If they say they don’t support it then the majority of their key assets will be quite upset with them.  If they say they do support it then their suites, nearly all of which are sold to companies owned by white men, are going to sit empty.  It’s a situation that will likely get sorted out this off-season, but maybe not.  Never in my lifetime has the issue of the mistreatment of African-Americans been at the forefront of American consciousness for so long.   If the protests are allowed many fans won’t come to games and some won’t even watch on TV.  The players may choose to say, that’s okay.  The ones that are upset are those same racists anyway, so…well, umm. Bye.  I’m suddenly having this urge to buy some NASCAR stock.  And so goes the Alabama season ticket holders who derive immeasurable pleasure from watching their mostly African-American team play.  The same African-American guys who make billions for white people all across the United States but don’t deserve a small monthly stipend for food?  Umm, bye.  The sport’s not going away I can assure you.  The NCAA and NFL might make less, but at some point don’t we have to stand for what’s right?  Or kneel?  All things come with a price, and its just money.  Equality in a country founded on ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL is more important than Jerry Jones getting an extra wing on his mansion.  A 20-year old African-American running back getting an extra wing at lunchtime is more important than Jerry Jones getting an extra wing too.  If you don’t understand God bless you, and pray that Hell is a fairy tale.