The dark fire will not avail you, Flame of Udun. Go back to the shadows. You cannot pass. Gandalf and the Falcons D.

          Divine Provence

          Matriculatees remember the stories of the Matriculator channeling the forces of the universe in One World Is Enough for All of Us.  It is an uncanny ability, but it’s not something that I can control.  I’m more like The Hulk or Wolverine than Professor X, if you get my drift.  It just happens and I see it very clearly but there’s nothing I can do about it.  Like that time I went to that hot blonde’s house…wait that’s a story for another day.   Well for Super Bowl 48, to refresh your recollection, I made a quick run to the post office only hours before Snowmageddon hit Fayetteville.  I was in the midst of writing One World and I started up a conversation with a black haired flamenco dancer kind gentleman in front of me in line.  Turned out his son was former Seattle Seahawks kicker Todd Peterson(what are the odds on that) so I knew then and there the Seahawks would win.  It’s called synchronicity and it happens to me a lot.  The force is especially strong when I’m writing Super Bowl articles and visiting the post office apparently.

           So I woke up in my clothes again this morning and ambled downstairs at about 6:30 a.m..  I was awoken by the idea for One Ring to Rule Them All and had completed the piece by about 8:30.  A few hours later I'm on my way to lunch when my paralegal yells, “Don’t forget to get me stamps!”  So I go to the post office, the same one from One World, and as I’m getting out of my car I see a guy who looks familiar.  It takes me a second and then I remember that our kids played baseball together about 15 years ago. It was Andrew Provence of course.  What?  You don’t know him?  Well to rights I wouldn’t have known him either had my son not played on his son’s baseball team.  Provence was a defensive tackle from South Carolina.  He was drafted in the 3rd round in 1983…by the Atlanta Falcons.  RISE UP!  

           Super Bowl 51 is over.   It’s not that the Falcons will win, it’s that the result is already in the books.  I’ve never seen an NFL player besides Andrew Provence in the Atlanta suburb I’ve lived in for approaching a half century, and I hadn’t seen Provence in years.  Forget Matt Ryan and Julio Jones and Vic Beasley, Provence is the most important player to ever play for the Falcons.  It’s Divine Provence.  Or maybe Holy Shit.  Whatever it is, I’m betting the house on the Falcons since I already know the result of the game.  I’m upside down on my mortgage anyway, so if I were somehow wrong I’d be making money.  It’s a win-win.