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31.  Chase Claypool- WR, Notre Dame (N,N,N, ADP 49)

Claypool reminds us of one of our top 30 prospects from a few years back named Darren Waller.  Waller was a receiver at Georgia Tech who has been converted into a star at tight end.  We see the same for Claypool who is 6’4” and 240 pounds with great speed.

32.  Jonathan Taylor- RB, Wisconsin (N,35,24, ADP 41)

There is no doubting his ability to run the ball, but his lack of ability to pass block limits him severely.  He also has lots of wear on the engine.  He’s a similar prospect to Ronald Jones a few years back.

33.   Cole Kmet- TE, Notre Dame (N,41,N, ADP 43)

People compare him to Gronk.  We see some Anthony Fasano.  He’s probably something in between.  We must say his 4.7 forty at the Combine surprised us. 

34.  Justin Herbert- QB, Oregon (27,20,20, ADP 6)

It’s not that we hate him, we simply deny him our essence.  He’s a Ryan Tannehill clone who is slightly more advanced than Tannehill coming out of college.  That’s not first round stuff but he could be a mid-level starter which has some value.

35.  Jordan Elliott- DT, Missouri (21,N,N, ADP 88)

He’s the poor man’s Derrick Brown.  Nice quickness up the middle and a productive career in the SEC at Mizzou.

36.  A.J. Terrell- CB, Clemson (38,32,30, ADP 16)

Every time we watched a Clemson game he stood out…except for the National Championship game which cost him a few million.  He's bigger and faster than the average NFL corner.

37.  Tyler Biadasz- G, Wisconsin (49,N,N, ADP 146)

One of the all-time great names for a mudder.  Two time All-Americans are rare.  We hate when people say he’s a plug and play starter for a decade, but he’s a plug and play starter for a decade.

38.  Ty Johnson- WR, Minnesota (N,N,N, ADP 161)

He has a little Dez Bryant in him.  Hold the middle school sex jokes please.

39. Akeem Davis-Gaither- LB, Appalachian State (N,N,N, ADP 107)

Davis-Gaither is a great athlete, but he’s on the small side (224 with short arms) for a traditional NFL linebacker role.  He’s solid enough in coverage that we think he could transition to the strong safety spot.  We expect he will need a red shirt year before he earns a starting role.  He’s a risky, high upside pick.

40.  Brycen Hopkins- TE, Purdue (N,N,N, ADP 136)

He’s 6’5”, 250 with heavy production in a bad passing offense.  He reminds us of George Kittle coming out of college.