Now's the time, the time is now.

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Picks 41-50

21. Grant Delpit- S, LSU (18,33,23, ADP 44)

If you’re playing in a game where the other team is passing, you will like him better than this grade.  If it’s ground and pound, maybe not.  The rumor is that his poor tackling in 2019 was related to an ankle injury. 

22.  Tua Tagovoiloa- QB, Alabama (3,7,5, ADP 5)

He’s small with an injury history.  He takes too many hits and, as odd as this sounds, needs to learn how to fall better. His arm is borderline average.  He’s got moxie and if he goes to a West Coast coach with a rhythm and timing offense, he has a chance to be a good starter.  Otherwise he’s going to be a disappointment.  His numbers dropped to back-up caliber in the 4 full games he played versus teams with similar talent to Alabama.  He posted 6 interceptions in those 4 games with a 55% completion rate and an undraftable quarterback rating.  In the NFL he will not have a massive talent differential every week.  Add on that he’s had the injury bug and there is too much risk to put him in the top 10.

23.  Jaylon Johnson- CB, Utah (26,29,N, ADP 50)

He was a shut-down corner in college and his football IQ and work ethic are off the charts.

24.  Patrick Queen- LB, LSU (N,15,34, ADP 28)

In the LSU tradition of Deion Jones, his movement skills are elite.    He’s not the proto type in terms of height and weight, but he has ridiculous game speed.   His best games were against the top competition.

25.  Zack Baun- LB/DE, Wisconsin (42,38,35, ADP 74)

He’s a great pass rusher as a linebacker but he’s not big enough to be a traditional defensive end.  If the Patriots don’t lose their 23rd pick for cheating, he’s a Kyle Van Noy replacement.

26.  Josh Jones- T, Houston (16,39,32, ADP 72)

His pass blocking chops versus non-NFL competition was other-worldy.  He looks the part but needs serious technique work.  He plays too high.

27.  Isaiah Wilson- T, Georgia (N,N,N, ADP 29)

I want the baddest dude in the draft on my team.  Wilson’s an absolute terror at 6’5”, 350.  He stunk at the Combine as all Georgia players do, but he will be a mauler in the NFL.  Watch the Ravens draft him.

28.  A.J Epenesa- DE, Iowa (14,24,16, ADP 54)

His tape is great, with unbelievable hand use.  His Combine was low-end back up stuff.  We would add 15 pounds and make him an interior defensive tackle.

29.  Denzel Mims- WR, Baylor (37,44,43, ADP 59)

This is a ridiculous wide receiver class, and Mims sits in comparison to a number of players including Jalen Reagor and Brandon Aiyuk.  We prefer Mims who lit up the Combine.

30. Trevon Diggs- CB, Alabama (19,47,28, ADP 51)

Pedigree; his brother is an NFL star.  Pedigree; his head coach is the defensive back GOAT whisperer.  His college tape is strong and he has the size/speed combo that NFL teams covet.