Fetch the bolt cutters.

Picks 41-50

Picks 31-40

Picks 21-30

Picks 1-10


11.  Jerry Jeudy- WR, Alabama (6,10,12, ADP 15)

He’s a really good football player, but he ain’t all that.  He’s not the prospect Amari Cooper was and Cooper was overpaid by the Cowboys.  We expect a few 1,000-yard seasons unless he gets drafted by the Jets.

12.  Henry Ruggs- WR, Alabama (20,11,14, ADP 12)

Tyreek Hill comes to mind.

13.  Tee Higgins- WR, Clemson (23,28,26, ADP 33)

We like Higgins more than everyone else.  The difference between Higgins, Jeudy, Lamb, Jefferson and Ruggs will likely be dependent on which team drafts them. His draft profile is on par with A.J. Green.

14.  C.J. Henderson- CB, Florida (24,21,18, ADP 9)

Florida corners have been a box of chocolates in recent years. Henderson has the physical traits to be a star but that doesn’t always show up on film. 

15.  D'Andre Swift- RB, Georgia (N,16,41, ADP 35)

Georgia has had the greatest run of running backs since…ever.  Georgia is truly running back U. Sorry USC.  Swift is big, fast, can catch and is a star in the making.

16.  Kenneth Murray- LB, Oklahoma (N, 22,25, ADP 23)

In the correct system he’s a star, in the wrong system he will flop.  He’s unbelievable in space, particularly in coverage.  If you want him to be a high-volume tackler between the tackles, he gets washed out.

17.  Javon Kinlaw- DT, South Carolina (12,8,10, ADP 14)

He has game changing talent, but it doesn’t always show results.  We aren’t a fan of drafting run stuffing defensive tackles in the top ten.

18.  Xavier McKinney- S, Alabama (32,18,17, ADP 36)

Alabama is safety U and we like his tape as much as the Pro-Bowl Bama safeties from the last decade.  His poor testing at the Combine keeps him out of the top 10.

19. CeeDee Lamb- WR, Oklahoma (5,9,8, ADP 17)

Like Jeudy we like him a lot, but not as much as the sheeple.  He’s not big enough to be a high-volume guy. He reminds us of Stefon Diggs, who is a good player but not a game changer.  Many scouts focus on Lamb’s run after the catch ability and the giant RAC stats he generated according to some metrics.  Look at the film and you will see him run through the arms of defenders from Texas and Texas Tech and Oklahoma State.  None of those guys will sniff an NFL game.  Watch him versus the few better defensive schools he plays and you don’t see him breaking tackles.  You will also hear a lot of “Lamb is wide open!”  Again, this is why you really have to do your homework when scouting Big 12 offensive players.

20.  Justin Jefferson- WR, LSU (N,14,31, ADP 22)

He has the most receptions in a single season in the history of LSU…and he’s 20.  He reminds us of Terry Mclaurin from the 2019 draft.