And here I am, dancing on the ground.

41. Leighton Vander Esch- LB, Boise St. (28,32,27,23) (Drafted #19)

Vander Esch certainly looks the part at 6'4", 245, but he doesn't play like he's that big.  He had one great season at Boise State, but never did much prior to that.  He looks like a day one starter on passing downs, though we have some questions about his ability as a run stuffer as at times he struggled to work through traffic and find ball carriers.

42.  Michael Gallup- WR, Colorado State (22,N,32,N)(Drafted #81)

We've bounced all around on our placement of Gallup, and finally settled on him as an early second rounder.  We see at a minimum a nice WR2 in the NFL, and with the 2018 class lacking talent we decided to slot him here.

43.  Derrius Guice- RB, LSU  (49,N,12,25)(Drafted #59)

Lots of success in the SEC.  He doesn't have a characteristic that stands out, he's just a really good running back.

44.  Rashaad Penny- RB, San Diego State (35,N,N,N)(Drafted #27)

Penny is a nearly identical evaluation to Derrius Guice.  He's not an explosive back, but he has adequate speed and great instincts as a runner and receiver.

45. Hayden Hurst- TE, South Carolina (N,31,N,39)(Drafted #25)

Hurst is old (24) for a prospect, but he has a similar skillset to Mark Andrews.  He has plus athletic ability and excellent hands and we wouldn't be surprised if he developed into the best tight end in this draft class.

46.  Jaire Alexander- CB, Louisville  (40,N,37,11)(Drafted #18)

He's a riverboat gambler and we love his feisty attitude.  He has great cover skills, but he's small and should be both an injury risk and a liability in run support.

47.  Ronald Jones- RB, USC (25,12,36,41) (Drafted #38)

He's dynamic on tape and reminds us of Alvin Kamara at times.  Our biggest concern is that he's reportedly a nutter and could cause difficulties in the locker room. 

48.  Carlton Davis- CB, Auburn (N,N,N,40) (Drafted #63)

Davis is a tough evaluation.  He absolutely has the physcial traits to be the best corner in the draft at 6'1" with vines for arms.  At times he looked like the best corner in college football, but other times he looked sloppy and had too many penalties.  We'd take a chance on him in the second round, particularly if it's a team that's had success developing corners.

49.  Jamarco Jones- T, Ohio St. (N,N,N,N) (Drafted #168)

So here's the deal with Jones.  As a run blocker he's an A.  As a pass blocker he's a C who looks lost in passing situations. You wouldn't want him at left tackle in the pros, but he has all the qualities of a Pro Bowl guard or starting right tackle.  If a team drafts him and converts him they get a starter.  As a left tackle they will probably be disappointed.

50.  Parry Nickerson- CB, Tulane (N,N,N,N) (Drafted #179)

Nickerson has a similar profile to Jaire Alexander.  Like Alexander he's small and won't add much as a run stopper, but his coverage ability is top drawer.  Someone will be willing to take the injury risk and overlook the tackling limitations for a shut down slot guy.