We've got to matriculate that ball down the field.

Draft rankings in parenthesis after each player are from Pro Football Focus, Daniel Jeremiah, CBS and Sports Illustrated

1. Baker Mayfield- QB, Oklahoma (1, 13, 34, 17) (Drafted #1)

We know that Big 12 tossers don't make it in the NFL and we have concerns with him throwing off his back foot.  He also looked uncomfortable taking snaps from center at his pro day. Now that we have that out of the way, his college numbers are unparalelled.  Our Holy Trinity numbers at quarterback are a completion percentage of at least 60, but preferably 65.  Mayfield's is over 70 the past two years.  A TD/INT ratio of at least 2.5, with 3.5 being ideal.  Mayfield's is 5.9.  A passer rating in the high 140's is a minimum, with 155 being the target.  Mayfield's is 197.  From a purely statistical analysis standpoint, he's the best passer to ever enter the NFL.   He's a similar, though better, prospect to Brett Favre with leadership qualities that few have.  Sometimes he's over the top and there is a little Johnny Manziel in him that is a cause for concern, but he's worth the risk. 

2. Saquon Barkley- RB, Penn State (7,1,6,1) (Drafted #2)

He looks like a combination of Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith and Ezekiel Elliot.  He's probably a better athlete than all of them and he can single handedly carry a team on his back.  His jump cut is Sanders-worthy, but we'd like to him use it less frequently.

3. Bradley Chubb- DE, North Carolina State (21,3,1,3)(Drafted #5)

Demarcus Ware 2.0.  This guy is a beast.

4. Roquan Smith- LB, Georgia (10,11,4,10) (Drafted #8)

Smith is an absolute game changer in the Lavonte David/Luke Keuchly mold.  He's a true sideline to sideline defender and leader of men.

5.  Denzel Ward- CB, Ohio State (20,4,13,9) (Drafted #4)

He has the ability to be the next Darrelle Revis.  Super speed and the ability to mirror any receiver, even at the next level.

6.  Lamar Jackson- QB, Louisville (23,41,14,30)(Drafted #32)

Some combination of Michael Vick and Robert Griffin, Jackson is explosive.  We don't care that it's running versus passing.  A 50-yard score is a fifty yard score.  He's a better passer than Vick was, and probably equal as a runner.  Some people forget that Vick was one of the top players in the NFL before.... Like Griffin, we have concerns with his body type and the potential for injury.  If a team can convince him to only run a few times a game (so he doesn't get injured), they will get a high level starting quarterback.

7. Minkah Fitzpatrick- S, Alabama (11,6,7,6)(Drafted #11)

Fitzpatrick showed no vulnerability in any phase of the game.  Our only concern with him is that Bama's defense is so good that everyone looks like an NFL star.  Maybe they all are.

8.  Sony Michel- RB, Georgia (47,26,N,43)(Drafted #31)

We aren't a fan of taking running backs this high, but Chubb and Michel are as good as Todd Gurley was and Gurley was the best offensive player in the NFL in 2017.  Michel has great hands and posted a silly 7.9 YPC in the SEC in 2017.  He also had 1,000+ yards as a sophomore and averaged 5.5 YPC his Junior year behind a comically bad offensive line.  He and Nick Chubb are the greatest running back tandem in the history of college football.

9. Vita Vea- DT, Washington (16,10,18,12) (Drafted #12)

He's 340 pounds with some wiggle and he will shut down the middle of the line at times.

10. Mike McGlinchey- T, Notre Dame (13,35,35,21)(Drafted #9)

Another solid offensive line prospect from Notre Dame, some are projecting McGlinchey as a right tackle.  We think he should bulk up and stay on the left side.  He is not a top ten prospect, but the fact that he is the best tackle prospect bumps his draft stock.

11. Will Hernandez- G, UTEP (30,25,24,42)(Drafted #34)

The tower of power, he looks like the Mountain from Game of Thrones.  We expect Pro Bowls from Hernandez before his first contract is up.

12. Derwin James- S, Florida State (4,9,2,16)(Drafted #17)

Better getting off the bus than on the field, but he's pretty good on the field too.  At times looks slower than his tested speed and lazy, but the talent is certainly there.

13.  Quenton Nelson- Notre Dame (5,2,3,4)(Drafted #6)

Everyone is all fired up about having Nelson as a top 10 pick.  Choose the best guard in the NFL and there's a persuasive argument that he wouldn't be a top ten pick even if you knew he'd be the top guard in the NFL. In the past 20 years there have been 6 guards drafted in the top ten: Brandon Scherff, Leonard Davis, Jonathan Cooper, Chance Warmack, Kyle Turley and Chris Naoele.  You can make a credible argument that Turley was worthy of a top ten pick, but Davis, Cooper and Warmack were massive busts and Scherff and Naoele weren't worthy of even top 20 selections.  You just don't take guards in the top ten.  That said, we think Nelson has the characteristics to earn a few Pro Bowls before his rookie deal is up.

14.  Nick Chubb- RB, Georgia (38,44,N,N)(Drafted #35)

Chubb's every bit the prospect Todd Gurley was a few year's ago, and he's the SEC's second all-time leading rusher behind Hershel Walker.  He showed elite athleticism at the Combine and the only concern is his serious knee injury in 2015.

15. Tremaine Edmunds- LB, Virginia Tech (17,5,25,14)(Drafted #16)

A physical freak at 6'5", 250, if Edmunds brings the goods every week he could be a Ray Lewis type. He doesn't have natural instincts and can get caught out of position which is why we don't have him in our top ten.

16.  Da'ron Payne- DT, Alabama (30,15,23,17)(Drafted #13)

Near the end of the season Payne looked more like a top 5 pick, but there wasn't consistent effort which is a cause for concern.  If he plays fully engaged he will be a Pro Bowl interior defender.

17.  Harold Landry- DE/LB, Boston College (8,39,44,18)(Drafted #41)

A great athlete with nice pass rushing chops. Landry needs to go to the correct system.  He could either be the next Anthony Barr or the next Dee Ford.  An every down Pro Bowl caliber player or a situational pass rusher.

18.  Marcus Davenport- DE, UTSA (40,12,20,15)(Drafted #14)

He played against lower level competition and he gets caught upright too often, but he also looks like a guy who can get to the tosser.

19.  Josh Jackson- CB, Iowa (9,27,9,13) (Drafted #45)

He had a tremendous 2017 season and demonstrated ball hawking ability, but he looked stiff at the Combine.  He's going to be a good player, particularly if he goes to press man team.

20.  D.J. Moore- WR, Maryland (44,46,N,36)(Drafted #24)

We see some Antonio Brown in Moore's game, though Moore is bigger and faster.  He was the Big Ten Receiver of the Year in 2017 and led Maryland in receiving twice.

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