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Draft rankings in parenthesis after each player are from CBS, Scouts, Inc., Daniel Jeremiah, and Pro Football Focus

1. Myles Garrett- DE, Texas A&M

He's a physical freak with a skill set that appears once in a decade.  He has some of the traits of Bruce Smith and could become one of the rare players who offenses have to game plan around. He also is giving out a Jadeveon Clowney plays when he feels like it vibe that we don’t like. (1,1,1,1)(Selected with the 1st pick)


2. Joe Mixon- RB, Oklahoma

He’s Le’Veon Bell in every regard.  He can jump cut better than any runner in the class, his vision is great, he runs with power and speed, and he’s elite in the passing game. His arrest in 2014 will dramatically affect his draft stock, but he’s been clean off the field for the past three years. (N,N,N,N)(Selected with the 48th pick)


3. Jamal Adams- S, LSU

Elite movement skills and he’s a force versus the run and pass.  He’s been productive since his freshman year, and has the size (214) and speed (4.45 at pro day) to be a physical presence in the back. (3,4,2,4)(Selected with the 6th pick)


4. Demarcus Walker- DE, Florida State

Nobody has this guy in their top 50? His measurables and college production are identical to Aaron Donald’s.  He’s almost unblockable when he plays inside.  He’s dinged for being a tweener and we’re not sure why.  He played up and down the line at Florida State which isn’t a negative in our book. We’d stick him at end on early downs and move him inside on passing downs.  Here’s his draft profile next to Donald’s, with Donald’s in parenthesis: 6’4”, 280 (6’1”, 280), 4.76 forty (4.68), 123 tackles his last two years (123), 58.5 sacks/TFL last two years (63), 7 forced fumbles (6). (N,N,N,N)(Selected with the 51st pick)


5. Deshaun Watson- QB, Clemson

The guy’s a winner.  We like to see multiple years at an elite level, and Watson won the Davey O’Brien Award as college football’s best quarterback in both of his years as a starter.  He had too many multiple interception games, but Clemson won all of those games with the exception of a 70-52 loss to Pittsburgh.  He’s not a vocal leader, but he’s a leader nonetheless in the Marcus Mariota mold.  He’s beaten some of the best college teams and has an arm to make all of the NFL throws.  In a league where most teams have low-end quarterbacks, he’s a chance that should be taken. If he goes to a bad organization, (the Jets, Browns and Bills all qualify) then his odds of success drop dramatically, as would any quarterback’s. (17, 25, 28,13)(Selected with the 12th pick)


6. Derek Barnett- DE, Tennessee

He tested at a below average level, but he’s quick on film with strong hands.  Claiming the crown as the SEC’s all-time sack leader is a tremendous college achievement and his game-to-game consistency was remarkable.  (8,13,13,3)(Selected with the 14th pick)


7. Corey Davis-WR, Western Michigan

We have concerns about his inability to compete during the draft run up, but his tape undoubtedly warrants top ten consideration. Teams spent their entire week game planning for him for three seasons and he posted 1,400+ yards and 10+ touchdowns in those three years. (15,10,10,7)(Selected with the 5th pick)


8. Haason Reddick- LB, Temple

A prime mover who should be the rare player who is both a high volume tackler and an elite pass rusher. He’s strong (24 reps at 239 pounds) and ran a 4.52 with a 36.5 inch vert.  In 2016 he posted 65 tackles, 22.5 tackles for loss, 10.5 sacks, an interception and three forced fumbles. (13,17,20,27)(Selected with the 13th pick)


9. Jonathan Allen- DT, Alabama

A powerful, quick force in the middle who was the most consistent disruptor on Alabama’s vaunted defense.  He’s not Aaron Donald, but he’s in that mold and the ability to generate interior pressure is still the single most valuable ability in the NFL. Concerns about a shoulder injury have cropped up late in the draft process. (4,2,6,2)(Selected with the 17th pick)


10. Malik Hooker- S, Ohio State

A true ball hawk with instincts off the charts.  He only started one year at Ohio State but finished the season with 7 interceptions and displayed some Ed Reed type centerfield ability. (7,7,3,11)(Selected with the 15th pick)


11. Kevin King- CB, Washington

The length that NFL teams covet, he reminds us of Richard Sherman.  He didn’t allow a touchdown in his last 28 games.  At 6’3”, 200, he ran a 4.43 with a 39.5 inch vertical and was a top performer in the 3 cone, 20 yard shuttle and 60 yard shuttle.  Three of the four pundicators don’t have him with a first round grade.  We’ll see. (33,14,43,N)(Selected with the 33rd pick)


12. Forrest Lamp-G/T, Western Kentucky

Crazy as it sounds, if his arms were an 11/2 inches longer he’d be in the discussion as the top pick.  His measurables and tape are elite but short arms can be an issue at the next level.  At a minimum he’s a Pro Bowl guard, but we’d try him as a tackle first. (28,12,16,25)(Selected with the 38th pick)


13.  Solomon Thomas- DE, Stanford

One of the drafts most overrated prospects, we like him here better than the top 5.  He has elite measurables but the production didn’t match.  He’s a low floor guy because he’s a hard worker, but 36 TFL/Sacks over two seasons is not top five production. (2,3,5,15)(Selected with the 3rd pick)


14. Evan Engram- TE, Ole Miss

Yes, we have him ahead of OJ Howard.  He’s a rare weapon who is more of a hybrid receiver/tight end.  He was First Team All-SEC as a sophomore, he was First Team All-American in 2016 and at 6’3”, 235 he ran a 4.42 with a 36-inch vertical. We hate to make this comparison, but he reminds us as a prospect of Aaron Hernandez. (31,N,38,N)(Selected with the 23rd pick)


15. Leonard Fournette- RB, LSU

A potential Ricky Williams clone, but we have concerns about his injury history and motivation after he skipped his bowl game. (9,5,4,24)(Selected with the 4th pick)


16. Dalvin Cook- RB, Florida State

Probably a better combination of skills than Fournette.  We haven’t been able to reconcile what appears to be elite speed on tape versus a mediocre Combine showing.  (11,22,15,9)(Selected with the 41st pick)


17. Christian McAffrey- RB, Stanford

In the correct system we would have him ranked higher, but if someone drafts him as an every down back, we’d rank him lower.  He’s going to be a force in the passing game and he’s got the speed and athletic ability to produce long-range touchdowns. 9 reps on the bench press and skipping his bowl game are red flags. (16,15,14,16)(Selected with the 8th pick)


18. Ryan Ramczyk- OT, Wisconsin

Late bloomer with only one year of tape.  He’s surprisingly nimble and has been trained by the best offensive line coaches in all of football. (18, 31, 27,21)(Selected with the 32nd pick)


19.  Mike Williams- WR, Clemson

Sometimes we get a Laquon Treadwell vibe, and sometimes we get a Keyshawn Johnson vibe.  In the end we expect him to be more of a Kelvin Benjamin. He’s big and can physically dominate, but his a lack of elite speed limits his ceiling. (21,11,11,6)(Selected with the 7th pick)


20. Jarrad Davis- LB, Florida

If he didn’t have an injury history he’d higher.  He moves around the field faster and with more authority than any player on nearly every game film. He was the team's leader and tested at an elite level, too. He's the real deal if he stays on the field.(38,27,24,38)(Selected with the 21st pick)

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