Don't delve into the past, unless you're looking back.

2015 Re-Draft

We don't like to look back on things, but in all fairness 2015 is the closest any pundit or NFL team has come in a decade to equalling our draft prowess.  So we have to figure out where it all went wrong cause it pisses us off when someone is almost our equal.

 So here's our re-draft of the first 20 picks:

1.  Todd Gurley- Three seasons and an NFL Rookie of the Year and NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award. He's got 4,500 yards from scrimmage and 35 touchdowns.  It's not up for debate who has been the best player in this draft.

2.  Landon Collins- 2 Pro-Bowls, 341 tackles and 8 interceptions.  We had him ranked 25th, but in fairness no other pundit had him in the top 10 and he wasn't drafted until the second round.

3.  Marcus Mariota- He fell off in 2017, but his first two seasons were incredible.  He needs a bounce back 2018 to stay here, and we're betting on it. He has a winning record the last two years.

4.  Frank Clark- You're like, who? Guys a nutter, but he's already got 22 sacks and 5 forced fumbles, including 19 sacks the last two years.

5.  David Johnson- Oh, if hadn't been injured in 2017.

6.  Byron Jones- A fixture as the best player on America's defense since he was drafted. (Sean Lee keeps getting injured) We had him ranked higher (16) than every pundit and every NFL team.

7.  Vic Beasley- He was a bust year one, then the NFL sack leader, then...

8.  Preston Smith- One of the best players nobody knows, Smith has 115 tackles, 20.5 sacks, 3 INTs and 5 forced fumbles.

9.  Melvin Gordon- We're not wild about his 3.8 ypc, but he gets plenty of opportunities and has posted 24 TDs and 3,800 combined yards.

10. Leonard Williams- He's not spectacular, but he's been solid with 178 tackles and 12 sacks.

11. Marcus Peters- As a player he warrants a top five placement, but he's such a pain in the ass he's already been traded in spite of his abilities.

12. Amari Cooper- It's hard to figure how good he is.  He has two 1,000 yard seasons but he's never posted more than 7 touchdowns.

13. Danielle Hunter- Similar career path to Vic Beasley.  2018 will determine whether he makes a significant move up or down on this list.

14. Kwon Alexander- He's undersized, but has earned All Rookie team and Pro Bowl honors in his three seasons.

15. Brandon Sherff- Overall, he's been a solid starter in his three seasons.

16. Malcom Brown- 147 tackles and 8.5 sacks is high level productivity for an interior defender.

17. Jamison Crowder- Has developed into a solid number two/possession receiver who could break out in 2018.

18. Eric Kendricks- He's become a decent every down linebacker with 314 tackles and 2 INTs.

19. Tevin Coleman- 2,200 yards from scrimmage, 20 TDs and a Super Bowl appearance.

20. Grady Jarrett- He's averaged 40 tackles and 3 sacks as an interior defender.  Oh, and he set the Super Bowl record with 3 sacks of Tom Brady.

By the way, we tried to explain to everyone that Jameis Winston (who was in everyone's top 5) wasn't that great.  In three seasons he's never had a 2/1, TD/INT ratio which is a bottom level acceptable rate for a tosser.  It's probably why he's already posted two 10-loss seasons.  We had three guys in our top 20 who we wish we hadn't put there in Laken Tominson, Ereck Flowers and Davis Tull, who got injured and has produced as many sacks as Jethro Tull.