Ohio State's Hopalong Cassady won the Heisman Trophy in 1955. Hoppy Harrington was a phocomelus in Philip K. Dick's novel, Dr. Bloodmoney.

2014 NFL Season Preview

           There is always a fork in the road.  The 2014 season has the potential to have one of the biggest in NFL history.  It is quite possible that Peyton Manning, the undisputed biggest post-season choker in the history of professional sport, and Tom Brady, who continues to search for his first non-cheating championship, will meet with their legacies on the line.  Both teams are loaded with talent. If they meet in the AFC playoffs, and we think they will, both players will be fighting to return to the Super Bowl and fight for their legacy.  The loser is...well a loser. Manning in spite of all of the fanfare and all of the talent she is surrounded by every year, has mustered only one Super Bowl win.  She also has the worst post-season winning percentage of any quarterback in the history of the NFL.  Yes, we love to beat that dead Bronco.  Brady, on the other hand, won a few championships which have since been retracted.  Unfortunately for him, his coach and fearless leader admitted that they were cheating during that entire period.  Belicheat's cries that he "didn't know what he was doing was illegal" have fallen on deaf ears.  While the NFL will never officially rescind the Super Bowl titles, the dramatic sanction of losing a first round pick (the first time that had been done in over 35 years) and saddling Belicheat with the largest fine in NFL history ($500,000), the maximum allowed under the CBA, was enough to forever eliminate the Patriots claim to a title. 

           So you see how important this game would be, particularly to a couple of guys approaching 40. The good news is that whoever makes it to the Super Bowl will have a fighting chance.  At the end of the 2013 season it appeared that the NFC would dominate for years to come with a bevy of young quarterbacks and loaded teams, particularly in the NFC West.  But a lot has happened this off-season and the NFC West doesn't look so dominant.  The Seahawks, being seafaring birds, should know all about the albatrossThey currently have one hanging around their necks.  His name is Jeff Ireland, late of the Miami Dolphins.  He's in the running as the worst GM in history and the Seahawks brought him in just in time to make a mockery of their 2014 NFL Draft. They also lost a number of players on defense to free agency.  Still, they have the NFL's best offensive player (Russell Wilson) and the NFL's best defensive player (Richard Sherman) and they should win the division and be in the running for a second consecutive Super Bowl appearance. Arizona lost premier defenders Karlos Dansby(free agency), Daryl Washington (suspension) and Darnell Dockett (injury).  The Rams had a great draft but lost their starting quarterback Sam Bradford for the year with a knee injury.  The 49ers are in a world of hurt with the 9-game suspension of Aldon Smith, injuries to Glenn Dorsey and Navarro Bowman and the impending suspension of Ray McDonald.

           There are some great storylines to follow in 2014.  When will the 2014 quarterback crop get their chance?  Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, Derek Carr and Jimmy Garoppolo were all very good in the pre-season, but only Carr will start week one.  Johnny Manziel did some things in the pre-season to confirm: He's Electric.  How will Chip Kelly's offense fare in year two?  We think above average.  Is Eli Manning really as bad as he's looked for the past year?  Behind that offensive line, probably.  Will Jay Cutler finally have the monster year so long in the making?  We thinks.  Are the 49ers due for a fall and where will Jim Harbaugh be patrolling the sidelines in 2015?  Yes, and in New York.  Will the Falcons return to their lofty status?  No, and GM Thomas Dimitroff will take the fall.  Can Cam Newton lead one of the NFL's most underwhelming rosters to a playoff appearance?  No, and he can't wait to hit the free agent market and become the highest paid player in the history of the sport in 2016.

          So without any more a doo, here are our predictions for 2014:

AFC Division Winners:  Partiots, Bengals, Colts and Broncos

AFC Wild Card:   Dolphins, Ravens

NFC Division Winners:  Eagles, Packers, Saints, Seahawks

NFC Wild Card:  Bears, Lions

MVP:  Russell Wilson

Defensive Rookie of the Year:  Jadeveon Clowney

Offensive Rookie of the Year:  Kelvin Benjamin

Super Bowl:  Packers over Patriots

So take that, if you will.

You may rewind it back if you prefer.

And if all else fails, remember that Lil' John has the beat to make your booty go, smack.