Power resides where men believe it resides.  No more, no less.

Week 1's Tosser Kingslayer

Marcus Mariota- $6,800

This should be the year Mariota rises to the elite level.  He's been standing on the precipice for his first two years and injuries derailed him.  He's home against a potent Raiders offense and what might prove to be a porous Raiders secondary. 


Derek Carr- $6,700

See the above analysis and reverse the team names.  There should be plenty of TDs in Nashville.

Middle Earth 

Jameis Winston- $6,600

They have added Desean Jackson on the outside and without their first choice tailback Jameis should launch 40+ bombs against a weak Dolphins secondary.

Don't try this at home

Carson Wentz- $5,300

The Eagles-Redskins tilt should be another high scoring affair and at that price you only need 250/2 to get bang for your buck.