Warning:  Betting may result in bankruptcy, divorce and/or exclusion from the Hall of Fame.


The Over/Under win totals for the season is the Matriculator specialty.  Our overall record of 25-7-1 makes the Vegas boys look like Matthew Berry.  In 2019 we came in over 70% against the spread for our weekly picks.

Season Record:  17-8 (68%)

Week 7:

Cowboys -1 versus Washington

As bad as the Cowboys coaching staff is, the team has twice the talent of the Pigskins.

Falcons -2 versus Lions

The Falcons are coming off of a road thrashing of the Vikings and should have momentum against a floundering Lions squad.

Buccaneers -3 versus Raiders

We don't like the trek across country, but the Bucs are slowly coming together and their defense is trending towards the best in the NFL.

49ers +2.5 versus Patriots

There is simply a chasm in talent difference between the two teams and Shanahan has had success versus Belicheat defenses. 

Week 6: 2-0

Chiefs -4.5 versus Bills

The Chiefs are coming off a loss and the Bills and Josh Allen were exposed as being a bit overrated.  Patrick Mahomes should be primed to smash and grab. (WON)

Falcons +4 versus Vikings

New coach equals new attitude.  Julio Jones is finally off the injury report. (WON)

Week 5:

Seahawks -7 versus Vikings 

The Seahawks look like Super Bowl contenders and they are at home.  The Vikings are battling for a top 10 draft pick.  This line doesn't seem correct.  (Lost)

Cowboys -9.5 versus Giants

The Cowboys are at home with a powerful offense and they are Jonesing for a win.  The Cowboys defense stinks but the Giants can't score a touchdown in warm-ups. (Lost)

Cardinals -7 versus Jets

The Jets were already bad and now they bring Joe Flaccostein off the operating table.  If the Cards offense doesn't get right this week they need to consider moving on from Kliff Kingsbury. (WON)

Rams -7 versus Washington

The talent difference between the teams is cataclysmic.  Washington is now bringing in the back-up tosser who couldn't beat out Dwayne Haskins.  This should be a Swiss Cake Roll. (WON)

Panthers +2.5 versus Falcons

The Falcons will be at a major home field disadvantage.  Everyone in Atlanta wants the team dismantled.  Julio Jones will either be out or less than 100%.  The Panthers have a solid offense with lots of weapons on the outside and the Falcons secondary is in shambles. (WON)

Week 4:  4-2 (67%)

Bears +2.5 at Colts

Nick Foles is the Rodney Dangerfield of tossers.  He's an above average player and makes the Bears dramatically better.  The Bears defense should be able to slow the run and force the well past his prime Philip Rivers to have to win with his arm. (Lost)

Seahawks -6.5 at Dolphins

Fitzmagic is coming off a great Thursday night performance, but the Dolphins secondary is banged up.  Russell Wilson should have yet another 4-5 touchdown game. (WON)

Eagles +8.5 versus 49ers

Wentz can't play any worse and the 49ers are playing a team that includes loads of back-ups. (WON)

 Ravens -13 at Washington

The Ravens will take out their loss to the Chiefs on the hapless Washington thing.  Lamar Jackson will be the Punisher.  (WON)

Chiefs -6.5 versus New England

We know the Chiefs can stop running tossers and Cam hasn't been great throwing the ball.  Patrick Mahomes just lit up the NFL's best defense and the Patriots aren't nearly as good on the road. (WON)

Cardinals -3.5 at Panthers

Kyler Murray had the worst game of his career and we expect a bounce back against the Christian Mcaffrey-less Panthers. (Lost)


Week 3:  4-2

Steelers -4 versus Texans

Pittsburgh should roll at home versus a floundering Texans team. (WON)

Patriots -6.5 versus the Raiders

The Raiders typically struggle on the East Coast, and the Pats are tough at home.  Cam looks like Cam and Derek Carr is coming off of one of his best games ever.  We see a let down for the Raiders. (WON)

Cardinals -5.5 at Lions

Two teams trending in different directions.  (Lost)

Buccaneers -6 at Broncos

The Broncos lost their starting tosser and best receiver.  Brady hasn't had a monster game yet and Chris Godwin is set to return.  This should be a 15+ point win.  (WON)

Cowboys +5 versus the Seahawks

The Cowboys can roll up points, with or without an offensive line.  CeeDee Lamb, Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup, Dak and Zeke are the best offensive five in the NFL and should be able to move the ball on a Seahawks defense that has given up lots of points already. (Lost)

Packers +3 versus the Saints

The Saints are still without their best player, and Brees and Rodgers are heading in the opposite directions early in the season.  (WON)

Week 2:  4-2 (66%)

Vikings +3 versus Colts

Phillip Rivers sucks.  The Colts have a tremendous offensive line, but the Vikings are a balanced team getting points.  (Lost)

Packers -6.5 versus Lions

The Lions are a train wreck and the Packers are ascending. (Won)

Giants +5.5 versus Bears

Bitchell Trubisky isn't good enough to beat anybody by 5 and the Giants should be able to control the clock with Saquon.  (Won)

Buccaneers -9 versus Panthers

The Bucs defense is underrated and Brady has more weapons than he has ever had.  (Won)

Cowboys -4 versus the Falcons

The Falcons are a few weeks from a new coach and we love the Cowboys offensive weapons. (LostCool)

Seahawks -4 versus Patriots

The Goat at home versus a team that features weapons Rex Burkhead, Devin Asiasi and N'keal Harry. (Won)

Week 1:  We didn't like any bets.  Too tough to have any idea with no pre-season.

2020 Pre-Season Over/Under Picks


Seattle Seahawks Over 9 wins

Russell Wilson is the greatest player in NFL history, he's in his prime and they are going to cut him loose.   Seems a no brainer. 

Green Bay Packers Over 9 wins

The dumbest thing the Packers ever did was draft Jordan Love in the first round, but it should motivate Arod to return to his prior glory.  Their division includes the Bears and Lions, and even the Vikings are probably only going to be mediocre. 

New York Giants Over 6 wins

Daniel Jones isn't going to be particularly good, but the Giants have make significant additions to their offensive line and have a special talent in Saquon Barkley.  If you can control th ball you can win in the NFL. 7-9 seems reasonable.  A push seems like the worst result here. 

Kansas City Chiefs Under 11.5 wins

            11-5 is a great season right?  If they do that, we win.  We think the Chiefs are fantastic, but it's tough to get 12 wins, particularly with a defense that can get leaky.