Living the Tao is about finding the freedom to enjoy whatever you have at this present moment.

Present Value

You can't live in the past.  It's generally not a good idea unless your ex-wife is Halle Berry or Angelina Jolie.  Then it's okay. 

The world of instant information and five second attention spans has had a dramatic effect on our fantasy lives.  Two weeks ago I offered Dez Bryant for Andre Brown and it was rejected.  Today I could get Andre Brown and the guy's first born child for Dez.  If Dez has a bad week this week, we'll be back to Andre Brown and a box of baseballsYou have to be able to take advantage of the dramatic, sometimes weekly, changes in a players value.   We made a living back in our Rotisserie baseball days by taking advantage of the float.  It doesn't always work as well in football because the season is so short in comparison to the baseball season, but what still applies in most cases is that players who have a track record of producing at a certain level will end the season at around that level, regardless of how good or bad they have performed early in the season. 

Before the season we had Steven Jackson as the 7th rated running back and Reggie Bush at 21.  So far they have flip-flopped with Bush the 8th highest scoring back and Jackson 29th.  Jackson missed a game with an injury and has inexplicably been pulled on the goal line in favor of the much smaller Darryl RichardsonBy the end of the year we expect Jackson to have moved up from 29 and Bush to have moved down from 8.  Depending on how drastic the change is, it's quite possible that Jackson will be better from this point forward.  His present value is at least equal to Bush's, though you should be able to get another player if you traded Bush for Jackson today.  That's how you add value to your team by taking advantage of the float. 

Present Value Higher than perceived.  Find a frustrated owner and trade for them.

                        Present Value          On the way towards...

Lesean McCoy:         14                                 1

Darren Mcfadden      18                                 5

Tony Romo              29                                 9

Matt Stafford           15                                 4

Julio Jones              13                                  2

Megatron                19                                  1

Jimmy Graham        8                                   1

Dez Bryant              25                                  9

Steven Jackson        29                                  7

Present value lower than perceived.  Find attention deficit challenged owners and get some value.

                       Present Value            On the way towards...

C.J. Spiller              3                                   20

Steven Ridley          7                                   24

Reggie Bush            8                                   21

Andy Dalton            7                                   19

Reggie Wayne         9                                   25

Tony Gonzalez         1                                   12


Obviously each player must be evaluated individually.  There will certainly be some players on this list who will perfrom better than their prior year's numbers would indicate and vice versa.  However, most of the players listed in each category are moving in the direction we have indicated. Use this to your advantage.