"I think it's a good idea.  I'm in favor of it."  Bucaneers Coach John McKay when asked what he thought of his team's execution after a loss.

Ten Years Gone

Super Bollock- Ode to Super Bowl 54

Roland Williams' Mother

One Ring to Rule Them All: Super Bowl 51

Red Sea Pedestrians

ESPN's Sorta Black Hatin'...Again

Death Done Us Part

Dancing King- Ode to Super Bowl 50

Preseason Primate

Drafternoon Delight- 2016

You Might Be an Idiot (or a Patriots Fan) if...

A Letter to an American Hero

The Patriot Act: Odious to Super Bowl 49

ESPN's Quarter Back Rating Sorta Black Hating

Don't Duck Donald

He's Electric

One World (not three) is Enough for All of Us:  Ode to Super Bowl XLVIII



Quackery, Buggery, Ridiculousness (QBR):  BSPN's Crack Team Comes Through Again

Don't You Love Her Madly?  The Worst Free Agent Signing in the History of the NFL

Civil War 2.0, Stupor Bowl 47

Drop Dead, Diva

Everybody Must Get Stoned

Eggdicators, RG3, R2G, G2D and R2D2

Mexicans Don't Make Mercedes: Ode to Super Bowl XLVI

The Matriculator Makes Offer to Purchase the Dallas Cowboys for $4.73

If You Show Me Yours I'll Show You Mine

NFL Cork Soakers Nearly Ruin The Matriculator


WWTD:  What Would Tebow Do? or What? Wow!-TD

Et Tu, Bradshaw?

  Arinem is Slim and Shady

The Matriculator Finds God on Toomer's Corner

Lay a Turd for Griffin the Third

Man What Are You Doin' Here?

Matriculator Obtains Copy of Judge's Order (and Aqua Velva will not be advertising on the NFLN)

 Jerramy Spoke in Class Today 

A Woman Scorned, and Why a Lady Named Peyton May End Up Mining for Gold 

 Newton's Law

 Purple Helmeted Warrior aka Roger Gotohell