None of the Packers Hall of Fame quarterbacks (Bart Starr, Brett Favre, soon to be Aaron Rodgers) were drafted in the top 20. Jerry Tagge and Rich Campbell were.

Packers 2018 Draft Grade: C+

The Packers pulled a Groundhog Day draft, focusing on DBs early in the draft.  It hasn't really worked in the past so why not keep doing it, I guess? In 2014 they took a DB in the first round, then in 2015, 2017 and 2018 their first two picks were DBs.  We would have taken Josh Jackson in the first and Jaire Alexander in the second, but all's well that ends well.  They took a shotgun approach drafting three wide receivers late.  They've taken a massive number of late receivers in the past 5 years and none of them have really worked out.  We're not seeing the pass rushing and defensive line help they needed.

Packers 2017 Draft Grade: B-

The Packers got a steal with the first pick in the second round (after trading out of the first) drafting Washington CB Kevin King, our top rated corner. After that they didn't get many starting caliber players with the exception of maybe run stuffing DT Montravious Adams and running back Jamaal Williams. We wouldn't be surprised if Williams or one of the other two running backs they drafted is starting in 2017.  S Josh Jones is a great athlete who packs a punch, but he gets lost on plays and is out of position too much for a second round safety.