The Quarterback Eggdicator is HERE!  

David Montgomery- RB, Bears thumb_side_06.png

You may remember prior to our fantasy draft we told you that David Montgomery was the most underrated "fantasy" player in the draft.  As a rookie his numbers were similar to Joe Mixon who was being drafted 3-4 rounds before Monty.  Monty has had a tough schedule but still sits at RB15.  His schedule from her eon out is not only the best of all running backs, it is one of the best second halfs we've ever seen with the Vikings (twice), Titans, Jaguars, Texans, Packers and Lions.  Since Tarik Cohen went down he's been piling up catches to go along with his heavy usage.  He's a top five play for the second half of the season and his owner probably has no idea.  Trade for him NOW!

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Week 8 was our worst week of the year, and we were 3-3Cool!  We are at a stupendous 64% on the year, and have 4 picks for week 9. Bang it here to check out our picks each week.

Ezekiel Elliott- RB, Cowboys thumb_side_06.png

From a fantasy standpoint moving forward, Elliott has RB3 value.  When he plays in the next six weeks, he will be an RB2 behind a terrible line.  We're betting that during the fantasy playoffs he's sitting on the bench as the Cowboys rest him for next season.  

D.K. Metcalf- WR, Seahawks thumb_up_04.png
Name the only site in America that had pick # 64 in the 2019 Draft, D.K. Metcalf, as a top ten talent?  Bang it here to find the answer.
Jerry Jones- Owner, Cowboys thumb_side_06.png
The Talking Heads sang,"And you may find yourself living in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife.  And you may ask yourself, 'How did I get here?'"  Every time I see Jerry Jones I think of the photo of him, a withered old man, smiling in a bathroom stall with a bunch of young strippers.  I always start humming that Talking Heads song.  He's a moron in every way possible.  He's screwed himself with the Dak situation and now he's in a bind because Dak holds all the cards.  We think the Cowboys are not going to franchise Dak and he will be leading the Saints or Patriots or Eagles (!) to a Super Bowl in 2022, while making about $40 million a year.  It appears that JJ realizes that and is tanking for either Trevor or Fields.  It's the only move he has left.
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Pearls of wisdom from the doctor.

Miami anxiously awaits the beginning of the Tua show.  We suspect the Tua show will be one of those movies where you go, “It was good enough if I saw it at the dollar show, but it wasn’t worth $10.”

(From Hell Hath No Fury)