The Matriculator and his collection of the greatest scouts in America are attending the 2019 NFL Draft.

Andy Isabella- WR, UMass

See how bad your favorite team screwed the draft this year!  Our 2019 top 50 prospect rankings have arrived! Explanantions on how they got where they got when they got there, to folllow.

Nick Foles- QB, Jaguars

Foles may not be a fantasy star, but he's a solid QB2.  Remove the disastrous season with a terrible Rams team in 2015 and he has a 22-11 record with 61 TDs and 23 INTs.  That's about 30 TDs per year with a nice passer rating of 95.  We're not wild about his weapons but a healthy Leonard Fournette should keep defenses honest and Foles should produce a 25 TD season with something approaching 4,000 passing yards.

Phillip Lindsay- RB, Broncos

Lindsay was a shock RB1 in 2018, but nobody's hyping him for 2019 as a first round pick. In fact, his ADP on has him in the 4th/5th round range.  We're not sure why.  The Broncos added veteran RT Ja'wuan James and second round guard Dalton Risner who was in our top 20 prospects.  Royce Freeman looked okay as a rookie, but he averaged 4.0 YPC to Lindsay's 5.4 YPC.  Freeman won't be around much in a pass catching role either.  We see a similar split in touches in 2019 making Lindsay a value even in the second or third round. He's a gift in the 4th.

Melvin Gordon- RB, Chargers
He's the player most likely to be the draft conundrum in the next few weeks.  The Chargers are clueless as an organization and have a long history of being disintereted in the demands of players who are under contract.  This could cause a Le'veon Bell type Mexican standoff that lasts into the regular season.  Hey, looks good on your team though!
Christian Kirk- WR, Cardinals
Kirk has been going in the 6th/7th round in drafts.  He was solid last year with a miserable offense, but newly minted Andy Isabella is a much better player with a similar skillset.  And Larry Fitzgerald, he aight.  And then there's rookie Hakeem Butler who should have been a top twenty pick and is apparently turning heads in camp. Not done yet:  2017 third rounder Chad Williams is still around as is former top ten pick Kevin White.  It's quite possible Kirk could be relegated to WR3 duties making him draftable, but not until the back end of the draft.  He's highly overrated at this pont in the fantasy draft process.
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Pearls of wisdom from the doctor.

If high school rankings, talking shit, posing for the camera and the underwear olympics are the test, then Rashan Gary gets an A+.  If the test is playing a sport called football, he's a B. One of the years most overrated prospects, he's currently in everyone's top 10 but watch him plummet after this post.