Matt Ryan, who posted his only 100+ passer rating in 2016, has returned to fantasy mediocrity.

Aaron Rodgers- QB, Packers
The Year of the Injury continues with the NFL's best fantasy quarterback joining the ranks of David Johnson, Greg Olsen, Dalvin Cook, OBJ and countless other fantasy stars on IR.  Ezekiel Elliot is also out and depth should be the deciding factor in most fantasy football leagues with players like Melvin Gordon, Todd Gurley and Kareem Hunt becoming more valuable as the list of fantasy starts continues to dwindle.
Evan Engram- TE, Giants
Engram should be a top 5 tight end from this point forward with the injuries to OBJ and Brandon Marshall. He's probably someone's TE2 and he's coming off a zero point perfromance so you can still trade for him at a discount.  He is already averaging 5 catches for 40 years, and those numbers should increase along with his red zone looks.
Matt Ryan- QB, Falcons thumb_side_06.png

Ryan has returned to his former, mediocre, self.  That mediocrity includes a propensity to throw interceptions late in games.  We said before the season that 2016 was an anomoly and that Ryan and the Falcons offense would return to form in 2017.  They have and Ryan is currently below the mid-point in passer rating.  Apparently we weren't the only ones who were skeptical as the reigning MVP was generally not ranked in the top 5 fantasy tossers on pre-season ranking lists.

Deshone Kizer- QB, Browns
We blasted the Browns for passing on Deshaun Watson with the 12th pick.  Instead they took Kizer who is on the Blake Bortles quarterbacking spectrum: Looks like Tarzan, plays football like Tarzan.  As a general rule (that is almost infallible) if a quarterback isn't good in college he's not going to be good in the pros.
Marcus Mariota- QB, Titans
Mariota has looked like an elite tosser his first three seasons...when he has been able to play.  He has now missed games in all of his first three seasons and will need to stay healthy the rest of this season to end concerns that he may be a bit of a China Doll.
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Pearls of wisdom from the doctor.

The idea that Jerry Jones, who voted for a guy who said John McCain wasn't a war hero because he got caught, is commenting on respect for servicemen is quite the joke, in a hypocritical sort of way.  The idea that an old married guy who was in a bathroom sexually assaulting strippers a few years ago is commenting about respect in any form is likewise funny.