Remember in 2014 when Kiper questioned the Russell Wilson draft pick because Seattle already had Matt Flynn?  We do.

Kyler Murray- QB, Oklahoma

The 2019 NFL Combine measurement session  will be one of the most important ever, with two potential top 5 picks' futures hanging in the balance.  Murray appears to be smaller than Russell Wilson.  From our perspective he needs to hit some minimum numbers to be considered in the top 20.  5'10", 195, and 91/2 inch hands would be acceptable.  Anything below those in any of those categories is a problem. 

Red Sea Pedestrians

Our 2017 article Red Sea Pedestrians is worth another viddy.

Ed Oliver- DT, Houston

Oliver's draft status also rests largely on the measurment portion of the Combine.  Defensive tackles simply can't be every down players on the interior in the NFL at 275 pounds.  He needs to come in 5'11", 285 to be considered in the top 10, even though we love his qucikness and ability to get in the backfield.

Jaylon Ferguson- DE, La. Tech
The NFL will allow Ferguson to play in the NFL, but will ban him from the Combine because of past violent conduct?  Apparently they have a most ridiculous rule that states if you have been convicted of even a misdemeanor violence charge, like getting in a bar fight while in college, the NFL can ban you from the Combine.  We ask, to what end?  The NFL is run by idiots.
Nasir Adderley- S, Delaware
Adderley is an elite prospect, who we like in the top half of the first round.  He's a tireless worker with premium ball skills and instincts. We will watch his combine results and if he checks off those boxes he's going to be in our top 20. 
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Pearls of wisdom from the doctor.

The Alabama train of morons continues to roll, with Cyrus Kouandjio and Reuben Foster vying for the conductor's role this week.  Kouandjio is the clown who famously announced that he was going to Auburn and then three days later his brother posted on Twitter that he would be attending Alabama.  Karma Police arrest this man.  His life has been in a downward spiral since then.   April 25, 2017