Tua Tagovailoa- QB, Alabama

The rest of the world is starting to come around to our view that Tua isn't an elite NFL prospect.  In his games against high quality defensive players (Clemson and Georgia) he has looked like a 2nd/3rd round tosser.

Trevor Lawrence-QB, Clemson

Now that's a dude!  I think anyway. He's the best freshman quarterback we've ever seen. He has two years to avoid injury and if he does Tankfest 2021 could be an epic. He reminds us of Kurt Warner, with a little more mobility.

A Lot of What Ifs

A look back at our pre-season primer, A Lot of What ifs, is muy interesante.

Lamar Jackson- QB, Ravens
The Wild Card round of the playoffs was punctuated by poor quarterbacking performances.  Jackson was terrible for 3 quarters and then almost led the largest comeback in NFL post-season history.  The Ravens will need to provide him with some weapons (John Brown and Willie Snead don't qualify) in order for him to have a chance.  Deshaun Watson was running for his life the whole game as he has done most of the season behind the NFL's worst offensive line.  Nick Foles threw two INTs and was a couple of goal posts away from a loss. Phiip Rivers was below average and Trubisky didn't lead the Bears to a TD until 9 minutes left in the game.
2018 QB Eggdicator has Arrived!
The GOAT is among us, but it's not Cheating Brady.  The Eggdicator is here.
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Pearls of wisdom from the doctor.

Our Playoff Picks:

Eagles +9

Cowboys +7

Patriots -4.5

Colts +6