The Matriculator celebrating 10 years as America's draft GOAT!  Heehaw

Tua Tagovailoa- QB thumb_side_06.png

Tagovailoa played 4 full games in his college career against teams with "equal" talent.  He was 78-141 (55%), 9 TDs/6 Ints and a 133.5 passer rating.  Those numbers aren't even back-up NFL caliber numbers.  Just sayin'. 

Patriots Tanking! thumb_up_04.png

We are always first on the world's biggest sports stories.  Here we go again.  The Patriots are tanking for Trevor Lawrence.  They are entering the season with Jared Stidham and Brian Hoyer as their tossers while a host of viable starters remian on the market.  Wouldn't it be ironic if the Commish took the Patriots 2021 first round pick as part of their latest cheating scandal?  Or is Goodell going to wait until after the 2020 Draft to take the first round pick?  

Tyrod Taylor- QB, Chargers thumb_side_06.png

The Chargers continue to bang the "Tyrod Taylor is our starter drum", but we're not buying it.  They have the sixth pick and with three potential top 10 tossers it would be hard for them to pass up a young quarterback for a guy who hasn't been a starter for years. 

Stefon Diggs- WR, Bills thumb_up_04.png
If Diggs didn't like Cousins, wait until he gets a load of Josh Allen's scattershot arm.  The Bills gave up much more for Diggs than the Cardinals gave up for Deandre Hopkins. The Bills over paid for the overpriced, whiny Diggs.  It's a Bills move for sure. 
Cam Newton- QB, Panthers thumb_side_06.png
Newton looked healthy enough throwing the ball last week and could be the greatest comeback story of all time if, and that's still a big if,  he's healthy.


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Pearls of wisdom from the doctor.

The 10 quarterbacks since 2011 that The Matriculator did NOT have ranked in our Top 25 but were drafted in the top 25: Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, Blake Bortles, Christian Ponder, Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden, Daniel Jones, Mitchell Trubisky, Jameis Winston and Josh Allen.