The Matriculator and his collection of the greatest scouts in America are attending the 2019 NFL Draft.

Lamar Jackson- QB, Ravens thumb_side_06.png

So now, all of the sudden, Lamar Jackson is great.  In fact in his first full season as a starter he's lapping the field for MVP and putting on record arguably the greatest season in the history of the NFL at any position.  Yes he set the record for rushing yards, but he's also produced more 5 passing TD games (in only 22 career starts) than Troy Aikman, John Elway and Kurt Warner.  They COMBINED for their entire career for four such games.  Jackson already has three.  As good as Jackson is as a player, we dwarf him as a scout.  We had established in 2012 that we were head and shoulders above any scout ever to live (sorry Ozzie) but it's now getting ridiculous.  The "experts" had Jackson ranked at 14, 23, 30 and 41 in their rankings and he was passed by 31 teams before the Ravens drafted him at 32.  We had him ranked 6.  You can read it all here.  We were also the only pundit to have Nick Chubb in the top 30.  He's currently winning the NFL rushing title in his first full year.  It's like an F-16 versus Eddie Rickenbacker.  Anywho, toodaloo.

Brian Flores- HC, Dolphins

The Dolphins have the worst talent we've ever seen at the NFL level.  They don't have back-ups starting at most positions and yet they've won three games, most recently beating the playoff hungry Eagles.  Flores might be the NFL's next greeat coach and gives the Dolphins some semblence of a hope for the future.

Dwayne Haskins- QB, Redskins

Haskins hasn't looked remotely serviceable as an NFL tosser. It's early, but this somehow seems poetic justice for a team with a Jewish owner who continues to cling to a racially offensive mascot.

Jordan Wilkins- RB, Colts
Wilkins once again proved he's an every down back this week, but the Colts won't commit to him.We're not sure what part of his career 5.6 YPC average or 88% catch rate they don't like.
Noah Fant- TE, Broncos thumb_side_06.png
We were one of the few sites to have Noah Fant ahead of TJ Hockenson at tight end, though we had them within ten spots of each other. Through 9 games they have both been excellent (for rookie tight ends) posting nearly identical stats with Fant at 23-37 (62%), 300 yards and 2 TDs and Hockenson at 25-44 (57%), 343 and 2 TDs.  
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Pearls of wisdom from the doctor.

If high school rankings, talking shit, posing for the camera and the underwear olympics are the test, then Rashan Gary gets an A+.  If the test is playing a sport called football, he's a B. One of the years most overrated prospects, he's currently in everyone's top 10 but watch him plummet after this post.