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Cam Newton, who couldn't find a job a few months ago because the likes of Sam Darnold, Daniel Jones, Matt Stafford, Mitch Trubisky, and Derek Carr were just too good, looks like an MVP candidate after two games.  His performance in Seattle is probably the best quaterbacking performance in the last 15 years in Seattle.  He accounted for over 425 yards from scrimmage which is probably the most ever in Seattle in the Pete Carroll era.  He posted 3 Tds and helped Julian Edelman set his all time high in receiving yards.  Brady had over a decade and Cam gives him his record in two games?  We will give it a few more weeks, but Cam may be a top 5 QB in spite of having one of the NFL's worst offensive personnel groupings.

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Bang it here for the team of the week.  We've squeezed as many players as we could from the Cowboys/Seahawks orange. 

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The Matriculator Eggdicator is Back!  We have five Bad Eggs and five Golden Eggs.  Where does your tosser sit on the eggdicator?

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PFF has put out their top 10 rookies after week two.  Once again it is shocking how inept they are.  PFF had a cat named Jordan Elliott ranked much higher than any other pundit or team.  They had him in their top 25 and he was drafted in the third round.  Through two games he has 0 tackles.  He's been one of the worst rookies in the NFL but PFF ranks him at 5 in their rankings because he hasn't made any "really bad mistakes."  That's comical.  As an initial matter, the only position where there is no such thing as a bad mistake is defensive tackle.  Patrick Queen, who has been the NFL's best rookie through two weeks didn't make their list.  He didn't make it because they were the only site that didn't have him in their top 50.  Not only is PFF terrible at evaluating players, they're dishonest to try and cover it up.  Welcome to America. 5 of the other players in their top ten were players we had more highly ranked than everyone: Tristan Wirfs, Antoine Winfield, Mekhi Becton, Jaylon Jonson and C.J. Henderson. Chase Claypool should be on that list too.  
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Christian Kirk is questionable this week. Kirk caught TDs in 1 of 16 games last year. Two weeks ago Kliff Kingsbury said they need to find ways to get Andy Isabella the ball.  Isabella has 11 career catches. 7 are flanker screens.  His 4 downfield catches have gone for 8, 55, 58, 88 yards.  Isabella (and Tyreek Hill) are the most explosive players in the NFL. The Cardinals play Detroit this weekend.  If Kirk misses the game, this week may be your only chance to get Isabella.  He's a must for some DFS line-ups too.  In our decade of scouting Isabella is one of 4 wide receivers we had ranked in the top 10 who didn't get drafted in the top 20.  The other three are Deandre Hopkins, D.K. Metcalf and T.Y. Hilton.  
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Pearls of wisdom from the doctor.

Carr is not a Yugo, nor is he a Mercedes.  Carr is the Chevy Lumina of NFL quarterbacks.