6 Browns drafted in your fantasy draft in 2018?  Believe it!

Matriculator Draft Rankings!
The greatest scout in NFL history has posted his top 50 players for the 2018 NFL draft.  The full analysis will come later, but here are the preliminary rankings.
Juice Landry- WR, Browns
Juice is one of the all-time great receivers in his first 4 seasons (actually the best all-time for receptions) so naturally the Dolphins give him away for back-up compensation. The Browns offense should be great in 2018, so prepare to draft plemty of Browns this fantasy season.
Ndamakong Suh-DT, Dolphins

The Fins released Suh and have made a hash of the off-season.  They are left with no money, an injured, mediocre tosser, and about 12 starting positions to fill.  They should be in the running for the number one pick next year.

Andrew Norwell- G, Jaguars
The Jags, with the exception of the Bortles deal, have figured it out.  They snagged one of the NFL's best guards in Andrew Norwell to clear the way in front of Leonard Fournette.  We expect the Jags to repeat as an AFC contender in spite of their tosser.
Kirk Cousins- QB, Vikings
Now that he's officially left the Redskins we can revert to calling him by his actual name, Kirk. He's a nice addition to what is already a stacked team on both sides of the ball.  We're not sure the money was necessary with the success of all of the other tossers (with much lower salaries) but he should solidify the position for three years while the Vikes see if they can grab their first title.
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Pearls of wisdom from the doctor.

The idea that Jerry Jones, who voted for a guy who said John McCain wasn't a war hero because he got caught, is commenting on respect for servicemen is quite the joke, in a hypocritical sort of way.  The idea that an old married guy who was in a bathroom sexually assaulting strippers a few years ago is commenting about respect in any form is likewise funny.