Remember in 2014 when Kiper questioned the Russell Wilson draft pick because Seattle already had Matt Flynn?  We do.

Antonio Brown- WR, Raiders

The Steelers were obviously desperate to unload Brown, who was as volatile in the clubhouse as he was talented on the field.  The Raiders have there best receiver in decades (Rice was on the downslide) who should give Derek Carr a fighting chance.  If the Raiders have a losing record, and they probably will, how with the made for reality TV relationship between Gruden and AB work?  It will be a must watch.

Keleche Osemele- G, Jets

The Jets basically got Osemele from the Raiders for a box of balls.  He's a top flight interior lineman who is still only 30.  If he stays healthy he provides a massive upgrade for a team that hasn't had an elite interior lineman since Nick Mangold.

Nick Foles- QB, Jaguars

Is Foles a high level NFL tosser or is Eagles system that good?  We're about to find out after Foles signs with the Jaguars who have a pedestrian offense with low end talent at the receiver and tight end spots.

Game of Thrones
So who is this Night King dude?  Here was our dart throw in 2017.
Miles Sanders- RB, Penn State
Without an obvious first round running back, Sanders might be our top back of 2019.  He is good at everything and has low mileage.
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Pearls of wisdom from the doctor.

If high school rankings, talking shit, posing for the camera and the underwear olympics are the test, then Rashan Gary gets an A+.  If the test is playing a sport called football, he's a B. One of the years most overrated prospects, he's currently in everyone's top 10 but watch him plummet after this post.