The Matriculator and his collection of the greatest scouts in America are attending the 2019 NFL Draft.

Andy Isabella- WR, UMass

We will be releasing our top 50 list for the 2019 NFL Draft on Sunday.  It is the most valuable article in professional sports and that is why we do not release it prior to the draft.  No freebies for the NFL scouting departments.  We will give you one tidbit however.  Andy Isabella is in our top 10, though most people have him as a 2nd or 3rd round talent.  A few years back there was a similarly situated player who we had in our top 10 that was drafted in the third round.  He's a few years from being Hall of Fame worthy after posting five, 1,000 yard seasons.  T.Y. Hilton.

Miami Dolphins thumb_up_04.png

The Dolphins are the only team we remember that has ever truly tanked prior to the beginning of a seaosn.  They have either cut or given away all of their best players and haven't endeavored to bring in any big names to replace them.  Presumably they are tanking for Tua, who hasn't looked like a franchsie tosser when faced with equal competition.  They are truly the fish.

San Francisco 49ers thumb_side_06.png

The Niners are currently 22/1 in Vegas to win the NFC title.  We like that bet.  They will probably have the best O-line/D-line combination in the NFL with Mike McGlinchey looking like a star in the making and Dee Ford rushing the passer next to a defensive line loaded with top 10 picks.  They are deep at running back and have arguably the NFL's best tight end.  Jimmy Garoppolo needs to stay healthy and they need to get an impact player with the #2 pick (DK Metcalf?), but we expect them to challennge for the title in the next two years. 

Game of Thrones
So who is this Night King dude?  Here was our dart throw in 2017.
Nick's Chubb- RB, Browns thumb_side_06.png
How good will Chubb be in 2019 with Kareem Hunt looming in the background?  We think Chubb is going to be the best fantasy player for the first eight games.  With two stud receivers and Baker pulling the strings, we expect in the neighborhood of 8 TDs in the first 8 weeks for Chubb.  The million dollar question is what happens when Hunt returns.  We're guessing that Hunt is drafted arund the 8th round, so if you draft Chubb make sure you're prepared to take his handcuff in the 7th.
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Pearls of wisdom from the doctor.

If high school rankings, talking shit, posing for the camera and the underwear olympics are the test, then Rashan Gary gets an A+.  If the test is playing a sport called football, he's a B. One of the years most overrated prospects, he's currently in everyone's top 10 but watch him plummet after this post.