The Matriculator and his collection of the greatest scouts in America are attending the 2019 NFL Draft.

Jordan Wilkins- RB Colts thumb_side_06.png

Wilkins led the Colts in rushing in week 2 and nobody seemed to notice.  In fact nobody ever seems to notice Wilkins.  He's clearly the best back on a Colts team that clearly has the NFL's best O-line.  Wilkins, who only has 65 career carries dating back to last season, has two runs over 50 yards and has averaged a scorching 6.4 YPC.  Marlon Mack has one carry over 50 yards on 333 touches with a 4.5 YPC.  Wilkins is also the best receiver, boasting an NFL best 94% catch rate over the last two years.  Maybe somebody in Indy figures it out.  Maybe Marlon Mack gets hurt.  Wilkins is a guy who needs to be on your roster over most late round flyer RBs.

Chris Carson- RB, Seahawks thumb_up_04.png

Carson is a prime candidate for fantasy owners to unload after two weeks.  He's fumbled three times in two games and the Seahawks 2018 first round pick Rashad Penny outplayed him in week 2.  He still holds RB1/RB2 value to the less discerning eye.  Trade him if you can get that level of value.  He may be on the bench in the next few weeks.

Mark Ingram- RB, Ravens thumb_side_06.png

Ingram is one of this season's fantasy league winners.  He was rated by everyone (but us) as a 3rd/4th rounder.  We had him rated as a first rounder but didn't take him until the 3rd.  At present, still unbeknownst to most fantasy owners, he's performed as RB9, in other words a first round pick.  The Ravens run the ball more than any team, have a great offensive line and solid defense, and have no back-up pushing Ingram for carries.  If he avoids injury he will finish with 40 catches, 1,400+ yards and 10 TDs.  He's a ninja RB1.

Mecole Hardman- WR, Chiefs
Hardman or Demarcus Robinson?  You need to have one of them on your roster by hook or by crook.  Patrick Mahomes has been a historically great tosser in his short career and is the best fantasy QB we've ever seen.  He scores when he feels like it and so do the receivers around him.  For the next month we like Robinson and Hardman as every week starters and with Tyreek Hill already hurt and Sammy Watkins always hurt they may continue as starters for most of the year.  If Hardman's 66-yard TD hadn't been called back for a hold, Hardman and Robinson would have been WR1 and WR2 last week.  
Kyler Murray- QB, Cardinals
Murray is one of only 2 NFL tossers to post 300 yards passing in their first two rookie starts.  His schedule the next five weeks is the Panthers, Seahawks, Bengals, Falcons and Giants.  That's cupcake and the Cardinals schedule gets easier from there.  Do the math.
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Pearls of wisdom from the doctor.

If high school rankings, talking shit, posing for the camera and the underwear olympics are the test, then Rashan Gary gets an A+.  If the test is playing a sport called football, he's a B. One of the years most overrated prospects, he's currently in everyone's top 10 but watch him plummet after this post.