Calvin Ridley is one of the more overrated prospects early in the draft process.

Deshaun Watson- QB. Texans
We're glass half full types, so we were hopeful Pro Football Focus might provide some useful information.  Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all we suppose.  Our half full glass shattered when they ranked Deshaun Watson 29th and Matt Ryan 2nd for the 2017 season.  PFF is clueless.  Watson broke every rookie record for a player's first six starts and threw one less touchdown (19) in those six starts than Ryan threw (20) in 16 games.  It's one of those catastrophic errors that ruins their credibility for the next few years. 
Le'Veon Bell- RB Steelers
The Steelers have shown a willingness to go down with the ship.  They won't give in to any player, no matter how good, and Bell is the latest in line.  He's wanted more money for over a year and they won't give it to him.  If he really wants to avoid a franchise tag, he'll play poorly in the post-season.  We wouldn't put it past him.
Alex Smith- QB, Chiefs

Smith is one of a number of veteran tossers who should be available this off-season.  We expect that he or Eli Manning will wind up in Jacksonville, with the other possibly landing with the Jets.

Willy Hernandez- G, UTEP
This is a nice guard class, and early in the scouting process Hernandez is our favorite over Quinten Nelson and Braden Smith.
Jared Goff- QB, Rams
One of the reasons we liked but didn't love Goff was because we didn't get the "leader of men" vibe from him.  That shows up in the post-season and he confirmed our suspicions, though it's still too ealry to pass judgment.
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Pearls of wisdom from the doctor.

The idea that Jerry Jones, who voted for a guy who said John McCain wasn't a war hero because he got caught, is commenting on respect for servicemen is quite the joke, in a hypocritical sort of way.  The idea that an old married guy who was in a bathroom sexually assaulting strippers a few years ago is commenting about respect in any form is likewise funny.