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2016 Re-Draft
Our 2016 Re-Draft will cause cognitive dissonance.  Michael Thomas and Jared Goff didn't even make the top 5.
Russell Wilson- QB, Seahawks
The top ten highest paid quarterbacks in 2018 are, in order:  Garoppolo, Stafford, Carr, Luck, Rodgers, Newton, Ryan, Dalton, Smith and Wilson.  Only one of the top ten is going to make the playoffs:  The GOAT, Russell Wilson.
Sony Michel- RB. Patriots

James White has been the first Patriots running back since Sam Bam Cunningham to be fantasy money.  Wait a minute, Bam was around long before fantasy ever existed.  So White has been the only Patsy RB to be fantasy money under the Cheater. But Rex Burkhead, a/k/a Rudy, is back and whiter than ever.  That is a concern. Even so, the Fins have been weak against the run and it seems Michel is due, and cheap. Kind of like my girlfriend.

Stephon Diggs- WR, Vikings
Opposing coaches know who the best receiver on the Vikings is.  In spite of Adam Thielen's second consecutive massive season, Diggs still draws the double teams.  Diggs is trending as WR 20 while Thielen is in the top 10.  Take Diggs and save the money for another spot.
Demaryius Thomas- WR Texans
In four games with the Texans, BeyBey has a modest 10-131-2.  He's caught 10-13 passes and is due to open up the can on the Colts this weekend.  Roll the dice with him and you might win $1 million.
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Pearls of wisdom from the doctor.

"In the second round they completely tanked by drafting "project" and "underachiever" Jordan Phillips, a huge, great looking defensive tackle who doesn't tackle very much."  Excerpt from our 2015 Draft Grades.  Phillips was released by the Dolphins after nearly 3 1/2 years, 67 tackles and 5 sacks.  Click here to check out our draft grades dating back to 2014.