Brady's Last Stand

Josh Allen- QB Bills thumb_side_06.png

Allen has had a fantastic 2020, and followed that with a playoff win in only his third year.  He's the first quarterback, probably ever in NFL history, who several years into his career figured out how to be accurate.  He trained under Jordan Palmer who has also worked with Joe Burrow.  This remarkable turn around shouldn't be viewed as the new norm, but will be a boost to the draft stock of tossers who were inaccurate in caollge but have a big arm.

Philadelphia Eagles thumb_up_04.png

in 2019 the Eagles, for the first time in their roller coaster history, looked like an organization that had sorted things out.  They had an innovative coach who led them to their first Super Bowl victory and a young tosser who looked like a future francise quarterback.  Their fans are still the dumbest and worst fans in pro sports, but they live in Philadelphia so that is to be expected.  Fast forward 24 months and they are in complete disarray again.  Carson Wentz went into complete meltdown and the word on the street that his teammates don't like him continues to hum. Jalen Hurts looked great in his first few starts and then was benched in the final game by a coach who seemed to want to get fired to escape the Philadelphia fans who are, as we said, idiots.  Doug Pederson will be the hottest commodity this off season.  What do the Eagles do as they slide back into the abyss of the NFL?  Whatever they do you can be certain their fans will boo them.

Miami Dolphins thumb_side_06.png

The Dolphins sit in possibly the best off-season position of any team in NFL history, save the Cowboys after the Hershel Walker trade. The Fins finished 10-6, have one of the best young NFL coaches ever, have four picks in the top 50 and a top 5 pick courtesy of the hapless Texans.  With the third pick that they received from the Texans, they hold possibly the most valuable pick in NFL history.  Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence are both historically great quarterback prospects.  In the 11 years we've been scouting they are both in our all-time top 5.  OT Penei Sewell is the best offensive line prospect we've ever seen.  Devonta Smith is the best wide receiver we've ever scouted.  Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah is the best hybrid prospect we've seen since Troy Polamalu.  The inept Jets might draft the little try hard kid out of BYU at #2 because they are clueless.  The Dolphins could get a king's ransom if that happens with the Broncos, 49ers, Lions, Falcons, maybe Cowboys, Panthers, all dying to move up to get Fields.  Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston and rumor has it the Dolphins are one of his preferred destinations.  They could trade Tua for Watson, or Tua to any of the other teams in listed above and draft Fields themselves.  They could wait it out and take Sewell to fortify the NFL's worst o-line.  Whatever happens in April, we expect we will be taking the over on the Dolphins projected win total.  

Hegone Watson- QB, Texans thumb_up_04.png
Hegone, but where?  Watson has checked out.  The Texans will want thre first rounders or two first rounders and a top player.  Let the game of chicken begin.
Justin Herbert-QB, Chargers thumb_side_06.png
Herbert was fantastic as a rookie.  He had one of the best rookie seasons ever.  Right up there with RGIII and Cam Newton, who will finish their careers without a Super Bowl ring.  There was another guy on the Chargers not so long ago who started out like a house on fire.  Philip Rivers first season as a starter for the Chargers he was 14-2.  He was never that good again.  In fact, he was .500 for his last decade in the NFL and now he's gone.  Let's hold our water a bit on Herbert.
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Pearls of wisdom from the doctor.

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